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Stony Grunow - Founder & CEO Breadwinner

Episode Summary

Stony Grunow the Founder & CEO of Breadwinner about growing Breadwinner and the challenges moving upmarket.

Episode Notes

Welcome to AppEtc. Conversations with founders and leaders of product businesses in the Salesforce Ecosystem. 

Today I am with Stoney Grunow. Stoney is a through and through entrepreneur. Stoney started out running an SI for charities in the U.K. before starting Daddy Analytics which connected Google Analytics with Salesforce. Then in 2014 Stony pulled the plug and focussed on Breadwinner which started as a tool to integrate Xero and Salesforce they now improve the workflow of Sales and Finance between Salesforce and Xero, Salesforce and Quickbooks Online and more recently Salesforce and Netsuite. 

In this episode we talk about growing Breadwinner and some of the challenges moving upmarket.


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